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One World Day Planter Fundraiser

  • British Cultural Garden 1131 East Boulevard Cleveland, OH, 44108 United States (map)

Hello everyone,

Many have asked how they can help prepare for the One World Day event coming up at the British Cultural Garden on August 28, 2016. So, we have come up with a fun way to beautify the garden for the OWD event, spark a friendly competition amongst participants and raise some funds for the much-needed improvements to the British Cultural Garden. 

What’s this competition about? 

Anyone who would like to help the British Cultural Garden can participate in this fun event by bringing a potted planter. If you or someone you know is feeling creative, put together a planter with your favorite flowers and plants. These planters can be pots, hanging baskets, or something fun you saw on the internet or Pinterest. If that’s not your thing, that’s ok, you can still participate by bringing a potted plant from your favorite greenhouse or retailer. The planters will be set up around the garden to decorate for the event and they will also act as a fundraiser. 

How will this be a fundraiser and help the British Cultural Garden?

We will be selling raffle tickets on One World Day that will also function as ballots. Each planter will have a ballot cup where people can buy raffle tickets and vote for their favorite planter. Towards the end of the event, a ticket from each of the ballot cups will be pulled and the owner of that ticket will win the planter. Before the winner of the basket is chosen, all of the ballot cups will be tallied and the participant’s planter with the most votes will win a secret prize. Participants can also campaign for their basket, or their favorite planter, by promoting and selling tickets to support the British Cultural Garden and their favorite basket. The proceeds from the raffle tickets will go towards the many projects to restore the British Cultural Garden to its glory and be the proper representation of British culture in Cleveland.

This sounds fun but what does this mean for me?

Not only will you, or someone you know, have the opportunity to show off your creative gardening talents or style in picking out a beautiful planter, you will also have the opportunity to help The Daughters of the British Empire (DBE) and the British Cultural Garden. As you may know, the British Cultural Garden celebrated its centennial anniversary this year. Over the last 100 years, the garden has experienced some weathering and requires some basic updates. Since the garden is a direct representation of the DBE and British culture in Cleveland, this fundraiser gives you a personal opportunity to enhance the beauty of the garden for One World Day and raise money to keep the garden maintained. On top of all that you will have the chance to win a fabulous secret prize to be revealed at One World Day.

If you, or someone you know, is interested in participating:

  • Email Cynthia Fish at or
  • Bring your planter to the British Cultural Garden (1131 East Blvd. Cleveland, Ohio) for One World Day on August 28th

Thank you in advance for your help and dedication to the DBE and the British Cultural Garden. We are looking forward to seeing you all on One World Day!!